Adobe Interview Puzzles

By | August 23, 2017

Puzzle 1:
Adobe Interview Puzzles You are given a cake, and one of its corner is broken. How will u cut the cake into two equal halves?

Solution :
Slice the cake horizontally.

Puzzle 2 :
In what arrangement is it possible to put four points equidistant from each other?

Solution :
place points in the shape of a pyramid.

Puzzle 3 :

A Floating small boat inside a pool, contains 1 stone , If we drop that stone in pool, What will happen with water level of the pool ? Will it increase or decrease and why ? Adobe Interview Puzzles

Solution & Explanation:

As per Archimedes principle, any object disperses equal amount of water as of its volume.

So, when the stone is in the boat, it makes the boat heavy and since the volume of boat is large, so it displaces a large amount of water, making water level go up.

But, when we throw the rock inside the pool, it disperses the amount of water equal to its volume, which is pretty small in comparison to boat and rock’s volume together. So Yes, the water level in the pool will decrease.