Animal Crossing- One Cool Game In The Block!

By | January 4, 2018


Can you name a single person, who does not play games? I don’t know about you, but I can’t.These days you have so many new avenues to play games, that gaming has become almost inescapable. You can play games on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and where not! In fact, some gaming buffs visit game stations regularly as gaming has become their primary addiction. I enjoy playing games as well, as it is quite a stress buster and spare time-killer. Gaming has become a form of refreshment now.


Earlier kids would go to play outdoor games like cricket, football, volleyball, etc. Now, with so many cool and exhilarating indoor games, outdoor games are almost getting diminished. There are adventurous games, thrilling games, horror games, mysterious games, sleuth games, wild-life related games, jungle games and many other games that I don’t even know of. While playing these splendid games, you also can’t help but enjoy their eye-catching background themes as these themes perfectly go with the plot of these games. Like if you are playing a horror game, the theme would be so much terrifying that you would literally get scared. Hence, there is a reason behind these games’ immense popularity.

One such popular name among video games is – Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing is a Japan-based game, which was published and developed by Japanese video game company Nintendo.

Starting from 2002, Nintendo has released the following versions of Animal Crossing.

Now I would discuss all the versions of this unique game, called Animal Crossing.

  1. Animal Crossing

The very first version of this game was utterly satisfying for the gamers. It had a simple plot with not much of guns and firing, and yet it delivered a game which was appreciated by both critics and game buffs. The game basically lets you spend your life in a beautiful village with many animals around. Animal Crossing, in its first version, introduced us with some characters like K.K Slider and Tom Nook, which are still close to the game buffs.

  1. Animal Crossing Wild World

In the next version, the storyline remained more or less same, just a few new features were added. Like you could take three of your friends to the village, buy a house and then keep moving in the game. You also had the freedom of making your own story. Apart from K.K Slider and Tom Nook, some new and entertaining characters were also added.

  1. Animal Crossing City Folk

This version lets you build a bigger house in the village, lets you do some fishing, collecting shells and also lets you visit the city and explore the city life. Undoubtedly, some new characters were also introduced.

  1. Animal Crossing New Leaf

This time the game goes a step a forward and makes you the Mayor of the village. Now you can customize the whole game as per your choice. This makes the game far more interesting.

  1. Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer

This game lets you express your creativity by making new houses, the way you want. Also, the introduction of amiibo cards makes the game far more dynamic.

  1. Animal Crossing amiibo Festival

All you have to do in this version is, choose your favorite amiibo, take part in the board game and earn happy points. That way you can make your town the happiest one.

  1. Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo

This version of Animal Crossing makes you a more empowered Mayor and gives you the choice of some more personalization. So, watch out for this one.

  1. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

The latest version makes you the camp manager and lets you make your own campsite, where you can enjoy with your friends and explore the beauty of nature.


That was pretty much the detail about Animal Crossing. But did you know there are some other games like Animal Crossing, which are as fascinating and electrifying as Animal Crossing?

Yes, there are. You can give games like Animal Crossing a read on and explore new gaming options.