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By | December 6, 2017


The ability to send and receive emails from Android devices enables its user to carry out business deals and other things being at ant place And Download utorrent Pro apk For Download Torrents. These devices are moreover portable and hence can get in to a pocket so that the user can carry it wherever he or she goes and also enabling to send and receive mails being outdoors and at any place. In this, you don’t have to go to your home or office in order to check a mail because you can check it there itself. The attachment of files to emails on Android devices may be a bit boring because there are certain limitations.

Attachment App Google Play

Go to the Menu button, open the Gallery app and get access to the Share function, click on Gmail, select the photos/videos to be attached, tap on the OK/Share button. Gmail will open with a draft message along with your selected files being attached.

Now, this is how you share photos or videos in mails by attaching files. Now, what will you do if you want to attach some other file which is not a photo or video file? Well,
you can also attach other files in your mails. The procedure to do this is discussed below.

Attach File 1

Yup, this possible with the Attachments [Gmail Attach] app. This app facilitates you to attach any types of file in a single mail of yours and not just photos or videos. In this particular app, there is no such restriction of file types as this app breaks the restrictions. You can send documents, music files, and many other types of file attaching to your mail. This app provides you with an option to rename the particular file before you attach it and therefore it helps you to label it properly for the recipient. This app also adds an icon in the app drawer which reduces the homescreen disorder and the app launches automatically when you attach a file.

Attach File 2

After the installation of the app, you just need to launch the Gmail on your Android based device. Compose a message and go to the Menu and then select “Attach” or “Attach file” which ever gets displayed o your device. Here, you will find a list of a number of apps which includes Attach Files and other app which you have installed on to your device. Select Attach Files by tapping on it which will find way to a list of files and folders and now you just need to tap on the file you want to attach to your mail. You can select any type of file here but just one file at one time. This app also shows you your hidden files and also facilitates you to get path to the path you accessed while attaching in case you left a file without attaching and hence this saves much of your time.

Attach File 3

This app is easy to use and provides you with a tips option which will guide you for its utility in a full fledged way. Some users faced a bit of problems and complained that the app is not capable to attach and send files of size around 45 MB. Well, this none of the faults of the app but you must know that Google has set a 25-megabyte file size
limit for attachments in Gmail. Therefore, this app enables you to send several files in a single email directly from your android device itself.


Contributor: Muhammad Nabeel

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