Thread Without Synchronization In Java

Thread Without Synchronization In Java : An application that creates an instance of Thread must provide the code that will run in that thread. There are two ways to do this: Provide a Runnable object.  Subclass Thread. The Thread class itself implements Runnable, though its run method does nothing. To know in details you may visit oracle documentation for threads.  

Program to reverse String and remove some characters

This is the program to reverse a string and remove character from index 4 to index 9 from the reversed string using String Buffer. It uses concepts of string Buffer and String Class’ reverse function.   Output Original String: This is a new String Reverse String: gnirtS wen a si sihT After Deleting: gniren a si sihT After… Read More »

Find frequency of a character in String without using loop

  This is a program to find the number of occurrences of a character in String without using a loop. Approach: We are using replaceAll and length method of Java String Class here to count the number of a particular character in a string.   Output Length Of String:35 Length Of String Without A:31 Occurrence Of A Char… Read More »