Bags of Coconuts Puzzle

By | December 18, 2017

Bags of Coconuts Puzzle :

A trader has to reach another city from his hometown to sell his coconuts. He travels from his city to other with 3 bags having 30 coconuts each. Each bag can hold maximum of 30 coconuts. On the way, he passes 30 check posts. At each check posts, he has to give one coconut for every bag he is carrying.

What is the maximum number of coconuts that he can have with him at the end of his journey?

Bags of Coconuts Puzzle





Apply some logic here to save as many coconuts for him as he needs to sell them and feed his family. 🙂

Take some time before checking answer.


Solution :

At three coconuts per post (one each for each bag), after crossing the 10th Check Post, the trader will have exhausted thirty coconuts, which is equivalent of one bag.
So, thereafter, he will be carrying two bags only.

For the next fifteen posts, he will have to spend 30 coconuts (one for each bag) again, thus exhausting one more bag, leaving just one bag of thirty coconuts.

For the remaining 5 check posts, he will spend 5 more coconuts, leaving him with 25 coconuts.

Answer- 25 coconuts