Some best iOS 10 Jailbreak tweaks – worth checking out

By | December 1, 2017

Jailbreaking iOS devices, as we all know, opens up great new avenues for customizing our iPhones and iPads. However, the new look doesn’t come as soon as you jailbreak your device, rather you have to install some of the best jailbreak tweaks out there to make the most of this jailbreak experience. One important thing is that if you are jailbreaking iOS 10, for instance, then you will have to find out best iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks as only those will be compatible with your jailbroken version of the iOS. Enough of this jailbreak preface now, let’s dives straight into some of the best jailbreak tweaks that you must install on your iOS device after a successful jailbreak.




It’s an alternative to the Control Center that comes by default within the iOS and it gives you something better by eliminating one major limitation of the default option. Adding/removing toggles is not possible with default Control Center on iOS but with FlipControlCenter you can do that and even rearrange toggles if you want to.

In fact, it is also possible to use bottom pane of this Control Center tweak for adding or removing apps as well.





The only option that you get in default shutdown menu of iOS is ‘Slide to Power Off’. It is also possible to restart the device by pressing Power and Home buttons together, but there’s a better solution available if you have a jailbroken device. Install PowerDown tweak and get some new sliders under the conventional ‘Slide to Power Off’ option. There is Reboot, Safe Mode and Respring option available with this tweak. If Respring is a bit confusing for you here, it restarts Springboard ( the home screen in iOS) and proves to be useful when you are installing/deleting tweaks on your jailbroken device.


Cream 2

Cream 2 is another one related to the Control Center. If you want to give a new look to your iOS Control Center, install Cream 2 for customizing color of your Control Center toggles. So, if you want to add that fancy touch to your device’s Control Center then this one is for you.




There are many apps that cache data continuously when you are using the internet. This cached data directly affects the storage of your device. By default, you don’t have any option of clearing cached data in iOS.

With iCleaner jailbreak tweak, however, you can be able to clear message attachments, Safari cache, temporary files & cache belonging to different apps with just a single tap. This will help you reclaim lots of precious space on your iOS device.





The cydia tweak makes use of Touch ID sensor for performing different actions such as reverting to Home Screen, bringing up multitasking menu or activating Siri. So, if you want to keep your Home Button intact then try this virtual solution by installing Touchr on your jailbroken iOS 10 device. You can even configure it for detecting one, two or three presses on TouchID. Besides, it can respond to your touch even when the display is turned off.





Split screen multitasking and SlideOver are the two features that Apple offered exclusive for iPads where they helped users to make most of that big screen of their gadget. With SlideOver you can interact with other apps without having to leave the app you’re currently using while the multitasking feature allows you simultaneous access to two different apps.

Though the features were iPad-only, Gorgone allows you to enjoy them on your jailbroken iPhone as well. Beside the two features mentioned above, it adds on by enabling rotation of Home screen. You can activate SlideOver on your iPhone by swiping from right edge inside an app to reveal an entire list of different apps. Just tap the app you want to launch and adjust drag bar to launch Split Screen multitasking.



Status Vol X


There are many unhappy iOS users who don’t like the way volume control overlay HUD has been implemented by Apple. It’s actually quite obtrusive. Showing up right in the center of whatever you are working on, it sits right there for a couple of seconds. Status Vol X is your solution to this annoying problem. It replaces the built in volume control overlay of Apple and you get a very small overlay that shows up in status bar. It is way less-obtrusive and does everything you could do with its default alternative.

So, if you have successfully jailbroken iOS 10 device, these tweaks would really help you customize your device a great deal and that too in a better way. Besides, if you are into jailbreaing big time, you may want to check out this iOS 9.2.1 pangu jailbreak on some other iOS 9 device and then try different jailbreak tweaks as well. Give it a try!


Contributor: Ali

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