What is the best Portable Power Bank in 2018 for General Use?

By | December 27, 2017


Imagine you encounter an emergency situation during your trip but your phone shows dreaded low battery warning. How can you handle this situation?

Immediately, you need a charging device that will help you to charge your phone and to contact with your family or friends for help. Therefore, make sure next time when you are planning for outdoor trips must keep portable power bank 2018 with you.


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They can be used to charge any device like, smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. Many power banks have high capacity that delivers multiple full charges to your device. They are rechargeable, durable, and have high speed USB ports that charge phones fastly and safely. Most of the banks have an add-on feature like LED flashlights that can be helpful during hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. A powerful and portable bank with technologically advanced features will suit you the best. Don’t just go after expensive and largest model without looking at features they offer. We have jotted down the important features in this guide to help you select the best power bank.


Longevity is as important feature as any other feature of power bank. Don’t waste your money on low quality banks. They wear off easily, and as a result cause you monetary loss. In order to get value of your money, select a bank which is as durable as possible. Banks made of aluminum and heavy duty plastic often works the best. It should have long lasting cells. While buying a bank always check the number of recharge cycles that support over their lifespan. The higher the count, the higher is the quality of product.

Compatibility of Power Bank

When shopping for a power bank, most people prioritize looks and size over everything else. This approach is wrong. If you have a stylish bank that is not compatible with your device, there is no point in buying that bank in any way. First thing that you should be looking while selecting a bank is that it must be compatible with your mobile devices. Choose a brand that supports both iOS and Android, if possible. In this case, you don’t have to change your bank when you switch from Android to iOS or vice versa.

Capacity of Power Bank

Capacity is another important factor which you should look while buying a power bank. Banks usually use rechargeable lithium ion (Li-ion) cells to charge devices. They come in different capacities to meet the demand of different customers. Always check this feature before buying. Ask yourself; how many times you need to fully charge your device? Everyone wants a bank with the highest capacity. But as capacity increases cost associated with bank also increases. Therefore, you need to identify your requirements and then buy a good quality bank accordingly.






Mobile devices are improved in terms of performance and style but power is still a challenge. Hence, you need a portable power bank as a remedy. We have mentioned important features which you should keep in mind in order to select best power bank.