Career Option after Graduation for a Civil Engineer

By | January 26, 2018


Do you think about finding a career in the promising engineering branch? Then, civil engineering is one of the most sought-after options. If you are planning a graduation in this engineering subdivision, you are doing betterment to your career.

Oldest branch of engineering:

Nowadays, many different branches of engineering are available. But, one of the few departments that exist right from the introduction of engineering course is civil engineering. The job of a civil engineer varies right from planning to designing a wide range of structural activities.

What is the job role of a civil engineering?

A career in civil engineering is highly rewarding without any doubt. As mentioned earlier, you can get different job opportunities in the construction sector. Some jobs involve supervision, analysis, design, and construction of private and public projects. The projects can be anything like the construction of bridges, water sewage, canals, highways and dams.

Career outlook:

You should remember that a career in civil engineering offers different lucrative job avenues. Not just in private sector, you can apply for public sector jobs as well. Civil engineering branch encompasses different specialisations like transportation, coastal, environmental, geotechnical, and construction engineering.

It is no wrong that you look for a high paying job. The reason is that most graduates wish this to happen in their career. You should remember that experience can play a crucial role in deciding your pay package. You can add value to your pay by improving your skills in project management, engineering design, visual basic and Microsoft Project.


After your graduation in civil engineering, you can expect lucrative job prospects in India. You can get employed in different sectors like power and energy as well apart from construction. Studies show that civil engineering is one among the lesser unemployment branches. You can achieve the unlimited scope in the following areas:


If you look for a designing job in the construction industry, you should have experience. In addition to experience, an excellent educational record is also essential. You can get into the designing domain in the construction industry by gaining knowledge in programs like TopoCAD, AutoTum, Staad Pro and AutoCAD.


Of course, you know that civil engineers get into construction department. In this field, the job will be challenging, and you will have to execute mega projects at varying levels based on your employer.


If you feel that you are good at planning, the best thing you can do is to discuss with your career counsellor in this regard. He will suggest you educate yourself on software programs like MS Project and Primavera as they will help you in the planning niche.

Management or consultant roles:

Do you look for management or consulting positions? Then, you should gain work experience. The experience is possible to get by working under the guidance of a qualified civil engineer. You will understand the industrial requirement by working in such a position. Further, it will help if you wish to start your construction company.

What are the positives and negatives of a career in civil engineering?


  • In big cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai, civil engineers get attractive pay. Many construction companies provide attractive pay package equivalent to that of IT industry for the right talents.
  • With the demand for real estate always felt, there is still a demand for civil engineers.
  • You will gain the satisfaction of being a part many construction works that facilitate the betterment of the society.


  • The job involves frequent travelling
  • You will have to work in construction sites. So, you cannot expect a job in an office setting always.
  • Real estate market even though still has a demand, there will be fluctuations based on the economy.
  • Before you take up a full-time job in the industry, you should get the right training.

So, do your civil engineering course from one of the best colleges in India and reap the benefits thereof.