CodeChef : May Challenge 2017 – Chef and Sub Array

By | May 13, 2017
Chef and Sub Array

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Chef has a binary array A of length N. He also has a frame that can focus on at max K consecutive elements of the array.

Chef has a lovely dog which likes to do following two things.

  • Shifting the array A to the right by one element (N-th element becomes 1st, 1stbecomes 2nd and so on)
  • Asking Chef what is the maximal number of elements equal to 1, that can be captured by a frame (frame can capture not more than K consecutive elements of array).

Help Chef entertain his Dog!


The first line of each test case contains three integers N, K and P denoting the number of elements in array A, size of a frame and the number of Dog’s requests.

The second line contains N space-separated integers A1, A2, …, AN denoting the elements of array.

The third line contains string consisting of P characters, i-th character stands for dog’s i-th question and equals ‘!’ if Dog shifts the array and ‘?’ if dog asks what is the maximal number of ones captured by the frame.


For each Dog’s question output a single line containing an integer corresponding to the answer of the question.


  • 1 ≤ N, K, P ≤ 105
  • 0 ≤ Ai ≤ 1


  • Subtask #1 (30 points) N, K, P ≤ 103
  • Subtask #2 (70 points) Original constraints.


5 3 4
1 0 0 1 1



Example case 1.

For the first question , Chef can pick last 3 elements (or last two, no matter) for his frame, and will have 2 elements equal 1.

After first shift (exclamation mark) array will become: 1 1 0 0 1.

After second shift (exclamation mark) array will become: 1 1 1 0 0.

Now for the second question Chef can pick first 3 elements for his frame, and will have 3 elements equal 1.


Got points for subtask#1, subtask#2 is getting TLE.

Test case #4 has some issue. Got Idea from Aditya Ishan (one of our contributor).
Test case hint: 
5 6 4
1 0 0 1 1