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HackerRank : RookieRank 4 – Server Room Safety

Server Room Safety: Hackerrank You are appointed as a system admin in a firm, and it is your responsibility to check the safety of the server racks in one of the server rooms. The server racks are arranged in an array. If any rack reaches another rack when it falls, it will cause the other rack to fall.… Read More »

HackerRank : Week of Code 35 – Lucky Purchase

Lucky Purchase: Hackerrank Sharon wants to buy a laptop for programming. She plans on buying a laptop whose price is made of digits 4 and 7 only. The number of 4s and 7s in the price should be equal. You are given laptop brand names and their prices. Find and print the name of the laptop brand that satisfies the above criteria. If there… Read More »

HackerRank : Week of Code 34 – Maximum Gcd and Sum

Maximum Gcd and Sum: Hackerrank Maximum Gcd and Sum : You are given two arrays  and  containing  elements each. Choose a pair of elements  such that:  belongs to array .  belongs to array .  is the maximum of all pairs . If there is more than one such pair  having maximum gcd, then choose the one with maximum sum. Print the sum of elements of this… Read More »

HackerRank : Week of Code 34 – Once in a tram

Once in a tram: Hackerrank Once in a tram : One day, Jack was going home by tram. When he got his ticket, he noticed that number on the ticket was not lucky. A lucky ticket is a six-digit number on the ticket in which sum of the first three digits is equal to the sum of the last three digits.… Read More »