Facebook New News Feed Change: How Beneficial it is for eCommerce Business Owners

By | January 16, 2018


So, I was sitting peacefully on my coach, and this news hit my news feed just before I was going to order food online. Being a multi-business owner and born entrepreneur, it always entices me to know that what the bigger players in my domain are doing.


One of my business is running an eCommerce website development company. And paying a handsome amount of money to the people who do SEO, SMO, and PPC for my firms makes me keep a track on my page’s offline and online reach. I prefer organic reach more than the offline one.

Facebook New News Feed Change

Paid promotions are not persistent. They don’t long later, and of course, the people who connect through a paid add with you don’t take their actions seriously. They just click what you want them to be (like, follow, etc) and just scroll down without putting much thought.


On the other hand, organic leads are hard to obtain and it takes real efforts of digital marketing companies to dwell into a world of creativity in visual and text elements and make a plan out of their brains to engage real people with hard work. An organic audience is more serious about their choices.

So, I was finding food restaurants that deliver near me with the app and the feed about the new announcement by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to diminish organic news feed and replace the pit with more of the feeds from friends and family appeared and made me ponder.


Facebook isn’t planning to reduce the amount of paid ads. That strongly suggests that the online ad dominator clearly wants you to pay in order to get customers or either forget about getting much.


It is already frightening to major media agencies that Google and Facebook have eaten over almost 60% of the total online paid ads. The real source of revenue for media terrain is shifting with a faster rate to these two. And let’s see how far would it go and whether there will be the emergence something revolutionary or not.