Interview Experience- Amazon (SD-1)

By | January 23, 2017
Interview Experience- Amazon

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print a pattern


Kth Largest Element in a BST.

Print Left View of a Binary Tree.

Face to Face Round 1:

There is a frame in tab using frame buffer memory to display the app content.
There are few apps which are trying to access it. How will you manage the display.

Then there was a discussion for its performance optimization, different ways to manage deadlocks, make it work over different networks and devices  and need for a monitor program to manage all the above.

Convert number into word. Upper limit is 9999.

Face to Face 2:

Optimal path from a start to end in n by n matrix which has hurdles as well. ( only right, left, up , down allowed).

Top View of a BST .

Left View of a BST.

Face to Face 3:

System Design question.

About SQL Indexing.

Face to Face 4:

We need to build a portal similar to twitter , How can we find top Ten Hashtags. Optimal ways to store them, traverse them and data structures included.

In a BST, update each node with the sum of its n consecutive nodes.