Interview Experience with Deloitte

By | November 10, 2016

Interview Experience with Deloitte : I got to know the opening via a call from a consultancy services which picked my resume from naukri.

Interview Experience with Deloitte

They asked basic details from me, the technology which I was working in ( Java here) and once they were satisfied if my candidature was suitable for the Job profile, they forwarded my resume to deloitte HR.

At the end of the day I got a mail from Deloitte US that the interview was scheduled on next day for Java Consultant position.

There were 4 rounds of Interviews , I have elaborated them below:

First Techincal Round:

There was a panel of 2 interviewers, It started with the basic introduction about myself.

It proceeded with questions like what is the current version of Java you are working , what are the additional features it has other than the previous version.

Life cycle of a Servlet.

When does a servlet initializes, where is it deployed.

Difference between Application Server and Web Server.

How we call a servlet in the application .

What is a Deployment Descriptor.

What is Hibernate and Why do we use it.

How can we configure Hibernate in our Application.

What is there in Hibernate configuration files.

What is the procedure to save some data in the DB using Hibernate.

What are Dialects.

What is Session Factory.

What are Aspects and what is Aspect Oriented Programing.

What is Spring and why do we use it.

What is MVC and how do we implement it in Spring.

What are controllers and what is front controller.

What is the flow of data from View layer to model layer in Spring Application.

How we can create objects without New Operator.

What is reflection API in Java.

How do we initialize variable in Jquery.

They also asked about the project I am working on , with the data flow and entire structure of the project.

What is DDL and DML in SQL.

Query to alter structure of a Table.

What are foreign key and reference keys.

IF a table can have zero primary keys.

How can we make a class serializable.

What are marker interfaces.

How can we store objects in TreeMap.

Differeence between compare and compareTo.


Technical Round 2 

What are different collections in Java.

What are Maps and when do we use them.

What are vectors.

Different type of Lists and their uses.

Different type of Sets and their uses.

What is Hashing. And how it works.

What is a linked list and code for insertion at the end (iterative and recursive).

What is the scenarios I can use Maps.

What is a BST. Pre-order Traversal of a BST.

Current Project Structure and its implementations.


English Speaking round.

This is known as Vesant test in Deloitte. I had to be on a call with the IVR, it asked me several general English speaking phrases to repeat, to answer.


Managerial Round:

What is current project structure.

What are the different environments we are working.

Challenges faced during projects and how did I over come from them.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years.

Why do you want to change the Job.

What are the achievements during college , school and what is thing I am passionate about.

What are the step I take in everyday life to achieve my future goals.