Lie village and Truth village Puzzle

By | December 28, 2017

Lie village and Truth village : There are two villages in a country , Lie village and Truth village.Lie village and Truth village Puzzle

As the name tells itself, people from lie village always speaks lie, villagers of True village always speaks truth.

You meet three villagers from these villages and ask from First Villager : What village you belong to?

He replies something in his language which you don’t understand.

Second villager tells that he is saying that he belongs to Lie Village.

Third villager says that second person is lying.

What village does the third person belong to?

Take some time to reach any conclusion.

Solution :

If 1st person belongs to Truth village, he would tell the truth that I belong to truth village.
And in 2nd scenario if 1st person belongs to Lie village then he’ll lie and would say I belong to Truth village.
So in both scenarios he would say the same thing.

That means the second was person was lying, which implies that the third person was telling the Truth.
So, the third person belongs to Truth village!

so the answer is Truth village.