Man fell in Well Puzzle

By | December 23, 2017

Man fell in Well Puzzle:

A man accidentally fell in a 30 meter deep well, in one day he climbs 4 meters up and slips 3 meters down. How many days would it take for him to come out of the well?


Theoretically if it takes more days , he will dead by that time!


Think some time to solve the puzzle. Before reaching out to the solution below.


so, It will take 27 days to come out of that well for that man.

He climbs 4 meter every day and slips 3 meter down that means he  climbs 1 meter in total each day, so like this on 26th day he would have climbed 26 meter and on 27th day he will climb 4 meter again so total 30 meter he will climb in 27 days.

On day 1 his max height is 4m
On day 2 his max height is 5m
On day N his max height is N+3m

To reach 30m, N must be 27.