All You Need to Know About ForgeRock Services

By | January 16, 2018


The Selling Process of ForgeRock

Subscriptions of ForgeRock® are sold only to customers. The subscription includes a combined offering including legal indemnification, software license, support, and access to software releases. The company fix subscription price on per-identity basis for both internal and external identities. In case, deployment is all about devices and things, but no identities, the company will closely work with client for determining appropriate pricing metric.All You Need to Know About ForgeRock Services

The ForgeRock software is released under a commercial license. Company offers a 60-day evaluation service combined with complete access to enterprise software. You can find evaluations at

ForgeRock Software Releases

The three primary types of ForgeRock releases include:

  1. Major Releases – It comprises of significant changes, bug fixes, and some major enhancements. Major versions of the product are released by ForgeRock every 12 months.
  2. Minor Releases – It involves minor changes, bug fixes, and enhancements. Minor releases are made every six months.
  3. Maintenance Releases – Standard maintenance release of the product is aimed at adding minor features and to solve minor errors such as “bugs” or other issues related to security. Maintenance releases by ForgeRock are done as per requirement basis.

The ForgeRock Security Policy

Security Advisories are issued by ForgeRock for all kinds of vulnerability fixes. These vulnerabilities are considered very critical and potentially damaging to the public. So once a security advisory is published, it is made widely available to clients on immediate basis. Company also offers apt support for Forgerock identity platform. To get a detailed outline of the security policy of the ForgeRock, simply visit the following URL:

Executable Software – The Community Version

End-of-Service-Life (EOSL) ForgeRock software is the community version. It serves as 100 per cent open source. Source code is released under the Common Development and Distribution License.

Community Versions vs. Enterprise Versions

ForgeRock community version is absolutely free, community-supported software. On the other hand, the enterprise version is hardened software. It is developed by ForgeRock product development. This will be available only through subscription.

Additional functionality is present in the enterprise software. It is not available in the community version. Apart from the richer aptitude, enterprise subscription facilitates customers to use commercial binaries together with 24×7 support services. This spans the whole identity lifespan and structural design.

Code Base

Both enterprise and community versions originate from the same code base. However, these are not the same. Enterprise version comes integrated with more features than the community version. ForgeRock directly supports only the enterprise version. Hence, it comprises of the latest and the best of features. Additionally, it is well geared up for enterprise-ready placements.

Listed below are some of the features empowering most companies to ensure high quality services:

– 24×7 worldwide support offered in client’s preferred local time zone

– Level of support needed by client

– Flat structure supervised by experienced development engineers

– Helpful support staff and engineering

– Evaluation of support staff based on customer satisfaction

Flexible support levels allow clients to select the appropriate level of investment in each ForgeRock Identity product.

As a standard, ForgeRock Support service is available under the following categories:

Bronze Support Service

– It ensures bug fixes and regular updates

– Email Support (12×5)

– Web Support (12×5)

– Phone Support (8×5)

– Two authorized contacts

Silver Support Service

– It offers bug fixes and regular updates

– Email Support (24×7)

– Web Support (24×7)

– Phone Support (12×5)

– Five Authorized Contacts

Gold Support Service

– It offers bug fixes and regular updates

– Email Support (24×7)

– Reviews and Strategic Planning

– Web Support (24×7)

– Phone Support (24×7)

– Ten Authorized Contacts

– Accelerated SLAs