Occupied Summers

By | June 19, 2013

Occupied SummersI thought I must share the feeling of being busy and occupied with work as an intern at AKS Consultancies…

This internship is a way ahead than the internship of last year which was at I vision Studios, contributing to the development of  an online book store Cadfin on a very famous CMS(content management system) Opencart.

Being little disappointed for not getting a chance to be at home and not enjoy the lazy summers just being lying down in front of TV. But being a bit futuristic and professional…….as an intern , being at work… its great, developing a hybrid mobile application for one of the MNCs , the app will have international recognition and will be launched internationally. Its been a wonderful experience,  in fact the first experience working in a corporate environment with a team too supportive  as it consists of college friends.

Soon I will be putting the name of the company and will be giving the links to download the app as well.

Be in touch..;)

P.S. I was going for a project to develop a website for a company, I was slightly confused about the selection of the CMSs..
kindly vote if you have any previous knowledge about any of them…