HackerRank : OpenBracket CodeSprint – Viral Advertising

HackerLand Enterprise is adopting a new viral advertising strategy. When they launch a new product, they advertise it to exactly people on social media. On the first day, half of those people (i.e., ) like the advertisement and each person shares it with of their friends; the remaining people (i.e., ) delete the advertisement because it doesn’t interest… Read More »

How to View MultiRow messages in RedMi Mobiles

MultiRow messages in RedMi Mobiles : Its been a problem from quiet long to view the multi row whatsapp(or other messangers) messages in Xiomi or Redmi Mobiles from quite some time, well not now. You can view the messages on your messangers without opening the messanger. Well, use your two fingers simultaneously to drag down the notification drawer… Read More »

HackerRank : Week of Code 24 – Simplified Chess Engine

Chess is a very popular game played by hundreds of millions of people. Nowadays, we have chess engines such asStockfish and Komodo to help us analyze games. These engines are very powerful pieces of well-developed software that use intelligent ideas and algorithms to analyze positions and sequences of moves, as well as find tactical ideas. Consider the following… Read More »