All You Need to Know About ForgeRock Services

  The Selling Process of ForgeRock Subscriptions of ForgeRock® are sold only to customers. The subscription includes a combined offering including legal indemnification, software license, support, and access to software releases. The company fix subscription price on per-identity basis for both internal and external identities. In case, deployment is all about devices and things, but no identities, the… Read More »

Facebook New News Feed Change: How Beneficial it is for eCommerce Business Owners

  So, I was sitting peacefully on my coach, and this news hit my news feed just before I was going to order food online. Being a multi-business owner and born entrepreneur, it always entices me to know that what the bigger players in my domain are doing.   One of my business is running an eCommerce website… Read More »

Simple Ways to Style Your Monarch Social Buttons to Match Website Design

  Monarch social buttons can augment sharing and engagement on any website. You may also combine these with some of the free layout backs available for the Div Builder for maximum benefits. If you wish to style Monarch social buttons to match the site’s design, simply follow the steps mentioned below:   Let Monarch Work First and foremost,… Read More »

CodeChef : January Challenge 2018 – K-Concatenation

K-Concatenation Source: CodeChef You are given an array A with size N (indexed from 0) and an integer K. Let’s define another array B with size N · K as the array that’s formed by concatenating K copies of array A. For example, if A = {1, 2} and K = 3, then B = {1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2}. You have to find the maximum subarray sum of the array B. Fomally, you should compute the maximum… Read More »

CodeChef : January Challenge 2018 – Maximum Score

Maximum Score Source: CodeChef You are given N integer sequences A1, A2, …, AN. Each of these sequences contains Nelements. You should pick N elements, each from one sequence; let’s denote the element picked from sequence Ai by Ei. For each i (2 ≤ i ≤ N), Ei should be strictly greater than Ei-1. Compute the maximum possible value of E1 + E2 + … + EN. If it’s impossible to pick the elements E1, E2, …, EN, print… Read More »