CodeChef : January Challenge 2018 – Maximum Score

Maximum Score Source: CodeChef You are given N integer sequences A1, A2, …, AN. Each of these sequences contains Nelements. You should pick N elements, each from one sequence; let’s denote the element picked from sequence Ai by Ei. For each i (2 ≤ i ≤ N), Ei should be strictly greater than Ei-1. Compute the maximum possible value of E1 + E2 + … + EN. If it’s impossible to pick the elements E1, E2, …, EN, print… Read More »

10 Knowledge to Specialize in Software Testing Automation | QA Testing

  Test automation increases the overall software efficiency and ensures robust software quality. There are specific tools that can effectively execute automated test cases, and help in comparing actual and expected results.   The automation of software testing is considered one of the most effective Testing methodologies. It has become a trend and a must for learning for… Read More »

CodeChef : January Challenge 2018 – Rectangle

Rectangle Source: CodeChef You are given four integers a, b, c and d. Determine if there’s a rectangle such that the lengths of its sides are a, b, c and d (in any order). Input The first line of the input contains a single integer T denoting the number of test cases. The description of T test cases follows. The first and only line of each test case contains four space-separated integers a, b, c and d. Output… Read More »