Has Social Media Contributed to the Establishment of a Better Society?

By | January 16, 2018

Ever since social networking sites were first launched, they have literally taken the world by storm. People from all walks of life and all classes have become addicted to the social media sites. Mainly because social media is stuffed with entertainment and updates from every possible thing of someone’s interest. And this is exactly why social media has won every one. The residents of the contemporary Digital world are so addicted to the social media sites that they literally cannot live without checking updates on their social media accounts every few minutes. People even choose their ISP subscriptions as per their social media needs. And if you are one of those who are thinking about choosing the right ISP for their social media cravings, Buckeye Internet Plans are good to consider.

This debate about how social media has affected and influenced us can be never-ending, but we will just review certain significant social-media related things that have influenced us and our societies in this post. Are the stereotypical notions and ideas about the social media really true? Let’s dig a little deeper into these ideologies.

Connecting and Updating or Dictating?

The most prevalent idea about the Social Media is that it ‘connects’ us with our friends and families and loved ones. It connects us with other people with common interests and it connects us globally. There is another one, and that is it ‘updates’ us with the lives and activities of our loved ones, our favorite celebrities, latest trends, for instance, top travel destinations so on and so forth.

People go on finding the best ISPs for their social media cravings, the ones that are high-performance because they cannot bear a momentary disconnect with their social media updates. They make online searches like, ‘Optimum Internet’ and ‘XFINITY Internet plans’ and skim through the reviews and user testimonials because they just cannot deal with even a brief moment of being unable to refresh their social media updates.

Social Media sites have allowed us to succumb to a wholly different type of addiction – one that is both insidious and unrivalled in its affective scope. With the said connected cyber life and updates from the lives of your loved ones and celebrities are rather dictating us to do things and be the way they are. A person always feels like he is lagging behind in a race or a competition of wearing the trendiest brands (like their friends or celebrities wear in their social media photographs), visiting the hottest places (that others are visiting, sharing photos of every moment to impress their social media followers), or watching the shows and movies (that someone put a check-in status to a cinema of). There are so many examples in this regard, and how people are helplessly being dictated to do the activities that people share through their social media and this is ending nowhere.

With Social Media Apps running 24/7 on the smartphones, people are unconsciously becoming a part of this race and these so-called updates are actually dictating them, making them yearn for things that they don’t have and lifestyles that they cannot afford.


Trend-Following or Trend-Slavery?

Brands around the world have recognized the marketing potential of social media sites and they now have a strong social media presence, posting recurrently about the products to be launched, ones that are already dropped in the market, and making us feel how awesome they are and what we are missing on, by posting tutorials and teasers of their products. There are millions of posts each day, about the new fashion trends, upcoming product-line (campaigns implying that one must get them), must-have accessories, shoes, bags, makeup and what not!

This is the madness of another kind. In the name of staying updated with the new trends and upcoming product-lines, people have become obsessed with owning everything that comes in sight on the social media, because again, it makes them feel that they are lagging behind in the fashion race and they don’t want to be called old school or outdated. They spend huge chunks of their money on getting the latest products or at least their replicas, in order to show that they are absolutely at par with the latest trends.

Well, we don’t call it trend-following but definitely trend-slavery!


Connecting or Disconnecting?

 The above-mentioned image says it all! A group of people, seemingly a bunch of friends, are sitting ‘together’ but they are just sitting together. They are not having any verbal communication and they are looking at each other, but yes, they are sitting together. Isn’t this something that we witness pretty often around and about now? Yes, we do! It’s the perfect example of being disconnected while being connected apparently. And perhaps we are guilty of doing so as well. What else is an addiction? It definitely is one strong form of addiction.

Social media has largely reduced the live communication between friends and families. Because people are so engrossed in checking their social media updates or streaming viral content on social media forums and they dedicate all their leisure time to it happily. Not just that, but outdoor activities are also becoming redundant, live communication with pals in the neighborhood is a long-forgotten activity. Thanks to the social media!

Also, with net neutrality and freedom of speech, people do all sorts of negative, derogatory and offensive comments on the social media posts, that can raise, perhaps the racial discrimination (that is already on a high) or enmity between two countries and so on. Also, negative comments leave an impression on the mind and influence our performance and our take on different things.


Like they say that excess of everything is bad, this is exactly the case with the use of social media. Excessive use of social media has killed the good things that it could do to the contribution in the establishment of a better society, such as making it a well-informed society. We have surrendered to the addictive nature of social media and have become a slave to what it is updated us with.

The key to success is striking the right balance! We don’t recommend boycotting the social media altogether, but a balanced and limited use of these forums is highly-recommended. Also, we would emphasize the fact that we should retain our originality and genuine-self, instead of blindly following the prevalent trends!

Author Bio:
Alex Brian is an entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. As Hawaiian resident, he loves beaches and bathing in the sun. That’s where he finds his inspiration to author in-depth guides that teach E-commerce store owners ways to manage, grow and scale their business. In a former life, Alex co-founded a custom menswear company which generates 6-figures in annual revenue through its website and retail.