Something New after a while.!!!

By | June 13, 2017
Something New
Something New after a while.!!!

Its been a while since I have done anything offbeat.

Anything significantly other than office work or anything which is not a part of yearly Goals and objectives.

However this will also be in my GNOs. 😉

The progress of website is also more than expected. I am happy to see the results.

What were the expectations for the entire year seems to be meeting in first five months of its creation.

Monthly view easily crosses 3k + view. And increasing each month.

Got alexa rank in top 50K websites in India already ( 49,903  ) to be precise. 😀

Other than the website,I am thinking from a while ,to start with robotics or AR for a change.

Trying to choose a platform for the development.

Considering options to use ARToolKit , or Unity and ARToolKit as its plugin. Will try to spend few days to check and choose the best possible platform to start with.

Lets hope something motivating comes up and I start it without any more hitches.