Simple Ways to Style Your Monarch Social Buttons to Match Website Design

By | January 16, 2018


Monarch social buttons can augment sharing and engagement on any website. You may also combine these with some of the free layout backs available for the Div Builder for maximum benefits.

If you wish to style Monarch social buttons to match the site’s design, simply follow the steps mentioned below:


Let Monarch WorkStyle Monarch Social Buttons to Match Website Design

First and foremost, you need to install Monarch. Visit the member’s area and download the plugin. Now install it. Once activated, reach settings under Tools -> Monarch Settings

Now that your Monarch is up and running, reach the tab ‘Locations’ tab. Decide where the Monarch social buttons will appear. Choice doesn’t matter as settings work similar for each of them. However, these may still remain separate so that you can easily customize on each page you wish to use them on.

The Choices

It is up to you to decide on a theme and primary palette. In case, you are not satisfied with the bright and gaudy colors of standard social media buttons, fix it with monarch.

Fitness is the Key

If you want your Monarch social buttons to stand out without appearing out of place, work on colors. Although a little complicated to get right, use only four base colors for your theme. While choosing to style Monarch social buttons, it is better to rely on 4-color palette. This will certainly make your buttons stand out and scream at your visitors. Default values for Monarch uses the built-in colors of the network. So, by scrolling down past the icon style, you can see Color Settings and Display Settings.

Give Space

This is something most developers do not focus on. Start by setting the Add Icon Spacing to active. If you don’t do this, the buttons will look cramped. Now put the Intro Animation on Fade In. This is important to match the other animations included in the layout pack. In case, you use many slides-ins choosing another option is the best idea. Now go in and turn ‘Use Custom Colors’ on.

Background Color: #c99872

Hover Background Color: #ffffff

Icon Color: #ffffff

Hover Icon Color: #000000

It is now time to save your changes. The live site looks amazing! It also offers options for post types you wish to display each kind of Monarch social buttons on.

Other Design Options

If you are using several button instances, try mixing and matching color scheme to achieve maximum effect. A professional and creative web developer will prefer inverting colors in varied locations. The trick will help you create a unique side bar. Mixing and matching Monarch social buttons will make your visitors hard to tune them out!


Unsightly and boring social buttons are mostly ignored by visitors. When it comes to branded colors, these are super attractive and instantly recognize. For instance, Facebook is recognized mainly by its trademark blue color. However, this blue may also appear dreadful due to the monotony. This is precisely where Monarch comes in. It will help make your website look sleeker and more professional. You can also add user friendliness to the site via styling social buttons with this plugin.